At WeKnow | Dental we believe in the power of listening, learning and creating something truly bespoke for every dental Practice. Which is why we'll always take the time to understand what you need and piece together a solution that is tailored made for you with no nonsense pricing in mind. 


Weknow | dental have evolved and adapted our approach to pricing so that you have:

  • In-house design and build
  • No hidden extras
  • A website that's built to brief, on time and on budget
  • Transparent detail (what you see if what you get)


Instead of selling set, predefined website packages, we've found from experience that no two websites are the same. Websites can very in their complexity, content, imagery and custom coding required.

Not only that, but we wish to more accurately price your bespoke website from the very beginning! No one wants any nasty surprises at the end of the web build process.

Once we have assessed the exact requirements and marketing needs of your business, we will create a site map and structure that best suits your content. WeKnow | Dental will spend quality time during this briefing stage creating a custom content plan and this will then determine the cost of your website.

Our clever Website Price Configurator factors in a number of elements in order to come to the end price, including:

  • The number of pages required for the new website build
  • The size of these pages
  • The amount of content
  • The number of hours it will take our team to work on the project
  • The number of images per page
  • The number of custom features and functionality required